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15 Minute DSI Project

Summary: The 15 Minute DSI Project first began at the 2013 Hackathon in Paris, France. Siemens MR sponsored/attended the meeting and brought along a 15min DSI data set using the latest advanced in MR technology: MAGNETOM Prisma 3T scanner with 80 mT/m gradients, 64 channel head/neck coil and slice accelerated (3x) diffusion imaging. Here we would like to make the data set available to the neuroimaging community with the aim of providing a state of the art reference data set for advanced visualization techniques. Included is a half q-space 257 direction DSI with 2mm isotropic resolution acquired in under 15 minutes using Kawin Setsompop’s blipped CAIPI simultaneous multislice approach to slice acceleration. Also included is a standard 1mm isotropic MPRAGE scan.

(about the project image: 15min DSI rendered in TrackVis courtesy of Cameron Craddock, PhD)


Contact: Name: Keith Heberlein e-mail: keith.heberlein (at) siemens.com