The ADHD-200 Sample is a grassroots initiative, dedicated to accelerating the scientific community’s understanding of the neural basis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) through the implementation of open data-sharing and discovery-based science. Towards this goal, the ADHD-200 consortium has publicly released 776 resting-state fMRI and anatomical datasets aggregated across 8 independent imaging sites, 491 of which were obtained from typically developing individuals and 285 in children and adolescents with ADHD (ages: 7-21 years old). Accompanying phenotypic information includes: diagnostic status, dimensional ADHD symptom measures, age, sex, intelligence quotient (IQ) and lifetime medication status. More information on the ADHD-200 website.

What can I do ?

You can contribute datasets to the study. It is also possible to process either parts of the database or the full database and share the results publicly, see the ADHD-200 prepocessed! project

Who are the members ?

See the ADHD-200 website for a list of contributors.

How can I join ?

If you want to contribute data to the ADHD-200 sample, you can contact the project coordinator, Michael Milham, through the form below. For questions regarding the data or its usage you can stop by the INDI community forums.

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