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Brainhack 2013 Registration

We have now setup the payment mechanism for Brainhack 2013. The instructions to complete your registration and pay the fee are below.

Registration + lodging for 4 nights is roughly 450 Euros (60,06 euros per night including the breakfast and VAT).

Registration is roughly 207 Euros for the entire conference (including lunch and dinner). This cost includes :

– the dinner (23th October) : 22,35 euros TTC
– two full day of seminar, lunch and dinner including (24-25th October) :  138,21 euros TTC
– one full day of seminar excepted one dinner (26th October) : 46,47 euros TTC.


Instructions for registration and payment online (deadline : 16th October).

First step :

Here is the website :

– Choose your language
– Choose our “event” : Brain Hack 2013
– Click on “Pre-registration”
– Fill the form (as you have already done for the website). The standard “Tarification” you must check is “Researcher”.

Second step :

– After this “Pre-registration” (and our validation), you will receive an email “Confirm a pre-registration”. This message will invite you to pay on-line. Please follow the link you will receive.

– Several pages need to be validated :

– 1st page – “Please enter your information” : to get logged, please enter the information previously used.
– 2nd page – “Personal information” : fill the form
– 3rd page – “Organization (origin)” : just click on “next step”
– 4th page – “Payment” : If your university or other institution will pay the fee for you, please check the second option “Someone else…” and fill the form.
– 5th page – “Invoice” : just validate.
– 6th page – “Invoice details”. Two options:

Credit Card: simple, fast and best payment option.

Transfer: Please do not take into account the message in red “only from French public organizations” – you do have the right to use this option, even if you’re living in a foreign country. Moreover, once the payment transfered, you will receive a confirmation only several days after – do not panic, this is only a delay due to this option.