Consortium for Reproducibility and Reliability (CoRR) Oct24


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Consortium for Reproducibility and Reliability (CoRR)


The overarching goal of CoRR is to create an open science resource for the imaging community that will facilitate the assessment of test-retest reliability and reproducibility for functional and structural connectomics. In order to accomplish this, we will aggregate resting state fMRI (R-fMRI) and diffusion imaging data across laboratories around the world, and share the data via the 1000 Functional Connectomes Project / International Neuroimaging Data-sharing Initiative (FCP/INDI) to enable the:

1) Establishment of test-retest reliability and reproducibility for commonly used MR-based connectome metrics 2) Determination of the range of variation in the reliability and reproducibility of these metrics across imaging sites and retest study designs 3) Creation of a standard/benchmark test-retest dataset for the evaluation of novel metrics

Currently, we have pledges for test-retest data from more than 1300 participants around the world, and are planning a release in spring, 2014.

What can I do?

The CoRR team is readying to develop a template data paper for each of the individual contributing sites for CoRR to submit to a special issue. Our hope is that the template will be useful for other data sharing initiatives more broadly. Data papers promise to be a vital tool in data sharing – both for ensuring transparency regarding data collection methods, and ensuring proper academic crediting. To learn more about the importance of data papers, please see

We will be working on the template at the BrainHack and would love your input.

How can I join?

Contact Mike Milham or Xinian Zuo at the conference

Who are the members?

Michael Milham Xinian Zuo

Submitted by: Michael Milham
Google group: