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Data sharing: Making it work

Summary: Brain imaging lags behind other disciplines in data sharing. But to make data sharing in neuroimaging commonplace we need the coordination of many different players. The purpose of this workshop is to bring together key constituents in neuroimaging data including: (1) Informatics teams, principally the joint collective of the INCF Neuroimaging Data Sharing Task Force (NI-DASH) and the BIRN Derived Data Working Group, who have been actively developing NI-DM, a data model for sharing data across analysis software platforms; (2) Analysis software teams, including SPM, FSL & AFNI, which have plans (of various stages of maturity) to provide NI-DM export capabilities, (3) results repositories, including NeuroVault, OpenfMRI & BrainMap, which stand to benefit greatly from a standardised representation of neuroimaging results and provenance; and (4) end users. We will discuss what are the barriers to pervasive sharing of data, and and identify key goals to advance this cause. Ultimately, we need to making data sharing so easy that users will be embarrassed not to share their data. This workshop is sponsored in part by the INCF and the Wellcome Trust.
Contact: Tom Nichols: t.e.nichols (at) warwick.ac.uk JB Poline: jbpoline (at) gmail.com