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document NIAK

Summary: The Neuroimaging Analysis Kit (NIAK) is a software library for the data mining of large fMRI datasets. It is developped by members and collaborators of the SIMEXP-lab at UdM. The objective of this project will be to reformat the existing documentation into a much cleaner flat doc website, using easy-to-edit mark-down files. In addition to a simple port of the existing documentation, we’ll add pages on some recent pipelines (BASC-FIR, GLM-connectome, GLM-FIR). We’ll also be working on step-by-step tutorials.

What can I do?

Some NIAK contributors will be at the hackaton, working on new content. Even if you don’t know anything about the project, there are ways to make extremely useful contributions: review/clarify the existing documentation, test-drive and improve the tutorials.

Want to learn more?

Get in touch with pierre.bellec [at] criugm.qc.ca