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Multimodal structural MRI analysis

Multimodal structural MRI analysis

Summary: Advances in MRI scans for human research have made it possible to collect a variety of scan sequences for a single subject within a single session (e.g. VBM, DWI, magnetization transfer). Currently, these are analyzed separately and conclusions are drawn by ’eye-balling’ apparent relationships, for example that an area of thicker cortex overlies white matter with increased myelination.

Labs are working on ways to integrate these data, but existing methods work best on very large datasets of thousands of participants. Most experimental researchers in cognitive neuroscience have group sizes numbering in tens of participants. Our goal is to find ways to use the complementary information in multimodal structural MRI for more powerful and interesting analyses.

Contact information:

Name: Emily Coffey

e-mail: emily@flighteducation.net