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NITRC Resources Registry, Image Repository, and Computational Environment

Summary: The Neuroimaging Informatics Tools and Resources Clearinghouse (NITRC) suite of services have facilitated 1.8 million downloads across the globe and include: 1) NITRC Resources Repository (NITRC-R), the “go to” collaboration environment that enables the worldwide distribution, enhancement, and adoption of over 650 neuroinformatics tools and resources, 2) NITRC Image Repository (NITRC-IR), a curated repository of nine studies distributing a total of 20,579 DICOM and NIfTI scanned images searchable by metadata such as diagnosis, handedness, gender and group, and 3) NITRC Computational Environment (NITRC-CE), a virtual big data compute service pre-configured with popular neuroimaging software analysis tools allowing pay-as-you-go compute time.

NITRC-R facilitates open science through collaboration among neuroscientists across competing research institutions with senior researchers addressing questions by one of NITRC-R’s 3,500 forum subscribers on over 358 ever changing topics. With no requirement to do so in order to browse and download resources, NITRC-R has become such an invaluable tool for the neuroinformatics community that it supports 8,765 registered users among the 335,160 unique annual visitors generating 3.2 million total page-views. To date, the community has freely downloaded data sets 621,550 times for training and research purposes. As a result of the valuable services provided by NITRC, nitrc.org has been cited in 1,300 publications abstracted by Google Scholar with its most recent service, NITRC-CE innovating the leap towards reproducibility by lowering key barriers ensuring the ability to exactly replicate a study from data, software, workflow, algorithms, and methodology. Leveraging NeuroDebian, NITRC-CE comes pre-installed with over a dozen popular neuroimaging software packages, eliminating the inefficient process of trial and error software and systems configuration which consume all too valuable research time.

Contact: Nina Preuss e-mail: nitrcinfo (at) nitrc.org website: www.nitrc.org