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Pixel Shader Livecoding

Summary: LIvecoding on the GPU–no geometry, just texture convolution–represents a uniquely satisfying way of feeling your way into a visualization. So far it’s being developed mainly as a form of improvisatory performance art and rapid prototyping. Does it have something to offer Serious Scientific Visualization? Let’s find out. I’ll show preliminary sketches from Zeitgeber, an interactive video projection installation going up in Mumbai next year and talk about how shader livecoding figures into the artistic process. For Zeitgeber, Delhi-based artist Rohini Devasher is preparing separations from her growing catalog of video feedback textures. I’m instrumenting them with pulse oscillators. Zeitgeber is an exploration of motor entrainment and kinesthetic empathy. We want to push visitors to consider rapidly unfolding changes in the rhythmic qualities of how we move and respond to socially salient movement in the environment.


Contact: Josh Berson e-mail: berson (at) cbs.mpg.de