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Brainhack Proceedings Submission Form

Brainhack has partnered with GigaScience and BioMed Central to publish a Proceedings from Brainhack Americas. Each Brainhack attendee will have the option to submit a project report describing the work that they performed during the event. Project reports will be peer reviewed and edited by members of the Brainhack community.

Reports should be written in Markdown and posted as a github repository, be no more than 650 words, contain a single figure, at most two tables and citations (not included in word count).

The report should be divided into the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • Approach
  • Results / Discussion
  • Conclusions.

Reviews will be open and conducted through the posting of issues within the github repository.

The submission deadline is November 23, 2015.

Submit your proceedings report by uploading it to and filling out the form below: