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SpinalCordHack 2014


To follow close on the ISMRM meeting in Milan, we are inviting participants to the first spinal cord hacking event. This half day event will take place near the conference venue on Friday May 16th, 2014 with the support of the International Spinal Research Trust. Our priorities are to introduce the many challenges facing spinal cord MR imaging researchers to coders and researchers with the interest and skills to pursue solutions. Following a look at the software solutions currently available and their limitations, the participants will have the chance to get down to it in smaller groups to hack and discuss the future of spinal cord MRI. The full program can be found here: Programme for Spinal Cord MR Hack

What can I do ?

Join the fun ! Propose a project, or join one of the initiatives proposed on-site. The work themes are expected to touch on, but are not limited to: motion correction of low feature images, functional – structural registration, group space generation and atlasing, defining practices for existing tools, setting image quality requirements for spinal cord fMRI, DTI and other I’s, validation of statistical assumptions in the context of spinal cord fMRI, SEEP – BOLD bun fight, and damning or damned by physiological noise.

How can I join ?
If interested in participating, contributing data, code or other, please
contact paul.summers [at no spam] unimore.it.