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The ModelGUI Project

Summary: The ModelGUI Project is a Java-based, free, open source, platform-independent desktop GUI application for reading/writing, organizing, manipulating, and visualizing neuroscientific datasets. The software has mature implementations of 2D and 3D visualization (surfaces, volumes, graphs, pointsets, vectorsets), databasing (via JDBC), and I/O for common neuroscience formats as well as a native compressable XML format. Developing features include organization of datasets into intuitive projects, dynamic (time-varying) shapes, computational forward modelling, data plotting, and support for specifying and executing pipelines based upon libraries for common tools (FMRIB, MNI, Camino, NIPY, etc.).

ModelGUI has been used for generating publication figures and videos, quality control of CIVET and Freesurfer output, database manipulation of large datasets such as ADNI and NKI, transfer of data between volumes and surfaces, and brain atlasing. The project is hosted on Launchpad, and a wiki-based website is available for both end users and developers. It is intended as an open platform for researchers who like to code, as well as a stand-alone GUI for researchers with less interest in what’s under the hood. I am looking to interact with both these types, and am especially interested in brainstorming ways to integrate the software with other existing projects.

Contact: Andrew Reid e-mail: a.reid (at) fz-juelich.de website: mgui.wikidot.com