Try Data Carpentry Neuroimaging Project

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Title: Try Data Carpentry Neuroimaging

Project lead: Erin Dickie @erin.w.dickie Olivia Stanley @ostanley Michael Joseph @josephmje Jerrold Jeyachandra @jerdra Jason Kai @tkai Jon Haitz Legarreta Gorroño @jhlegarreta

Project collaborators: JB Poline Ted Strauss

Registered Brainhack Global 2020 Event: BrainHack Ontario

Project Description: A group of us have been building a set of BIDS/neuroimaging curriculum for the carpentries. The lessons cover intro to neuroimaging (using BIDS), pybids, downloading public data, working with fMRI data in python (nibabel and nilearn) as well as diffusion MRI analysis. We have previously taught these lesson’s as part of BrainHack Toronto and BrainHack Western and the lesson’s have now been moved into the “carpentries incubator”. Meaning that we are hoping that others might be interested in teaching or learning from this material soon! We are inviting others to check out the material during BrainHack global and give us some feedback!

Data to use: Dataset are described in individual lesson repo’s. All lesson’s can be run on binder so no local download required.

Link to project repository/sources:

Goals for Brainhack Global 2020:

Good first issues:

  1. Tell us what you think?
  2. Join our zoom meeting!

Skills: No skills needed - just try to learn from our content and tell us what you think!

Tools/Software/Methods to Use:

Your web browser - all lessons can be followed as jupyter notebooks on binder. Or set up a local python environment using the instructions given in the repos. (for example

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