Brainhack Proceedings – an open & free journal for Brainhack project outcomes

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Title: Brainhack Proceedings – an open & free journal for Brainhack project outcomes

Project lead: We are a team of people leading different parts of the process :)

Project collaborators:

Agah Karakuzu

Anibal Sólon

Cameron Craddock

Isil Bilgin

katja heuer

Matteo Mancini

Pierre Bellec

Peer Herholz

Roberto Toro

Samuel Guay

Sofie Van Den Bossche

Registered Brainhack Global 2020 Event: We are probably registered all over the place… including Ankara, Marseille, Ontario, NYC and many more 🙃

Project Description: We are building the Brainhack Proceedings Journal – an open free publishing platform for the community to publish Brainhack project outcomes. The workflow from project to publication is entirely based on GitHub and completely open and transparent. We have implemented a first complete workflow \ö/ and are looking for 2 types of community interactions now:
(1) Some hacking projects around the platform.
For the Latex experts with love for design :) During Brainhack, would you like to join us for a little hacking session to improve the visual design of our latex template underlying the final paper pdf? While users only need to work with markdown language, the magic behind the pdf is currently latex. If you feel you could give us a hand, please come join our team.
For the Javascript lovers with interest in GitHub actions :) While we have a first workflow set up, it would be amazing to check that the web template is working, and Github actions compile the forked papers, that links are maintaining the correct targets throughout the process, and that the svg and banner scale across all pages. (2) Some first submission tests Brainhack proceedings is in its experimental phase. The first complete workflow is ready to be used and tested by all the amazing project outcomes from Brainhack Global: We invite everyone who would like to publish some original work coming out of the Brainhack, to come and test our workflow. Which will be the first publication featuring on the Journal website? 😃 Come and fork our template repo, fill your content, formulas and figures into the file and see it magically transform into a paper preview. We have set up nice tutorials to take you by hand throughout the entire process.

Link to project repository/sources:

Goals for Brainhack Global 2020:

Good first issue
Please fix all links see this issue

Good second issue
Check that the svg banner scales correctly based on window size see this issue


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