TR-OPEN "Getting Started", Introducing Open Ethical Committee Permissions as an early first step of Open Science

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Title: TR_OPEN “getting started”, Introducing Open Ethical Commitee Permissions as a first early step of open science

Project lead: Maria Geraldine Veldhuizen, Twitter: @margaveldhuizen Mattermost: @maria_veldhuizen

Project collaborators: Melvin Selim Atay, Twitter: @i_am_mel_dev , Mattermost: selimatay

Registered Brainhack Global 2020 Event: Brainhack Ankara, “Hello world!”

Project Description: Brainhack Ankara Project For Introducing Open Ethical Committee Permissions as an introductory step of open science. Goal is to create a resource for early career researchers in Turkey to start public sharing data. We would be compiling examples for applications to ethical committees, examples of language in informed consent, list of universities and ethical committees that have approved public data sharing, resources and links to relevant regulations. To start we are going to learn and brainstorm with the experts in the field of data privacy and sharing. We know that Open Brain Consent has done tremendous job on opening up the practices for data collection for ethical committees. There is a Turkish Translation available for data user agreement and ultimate GDPR which would be useful to anyone who needs them. Establishing applicable practices providing local resources forming a consensus on language, style necessary tools and establishing the routes are also necessary for applicable solutions. That is why we are opening this project as a first local step for open science.

Data to use: We would be compiling the local resources and example procedures which would lead more open data collection procedures locally.

Link to project repository/sources:

Goals for Brainhack Global 2020: Provide a simple website with an understandable basic concepts. This goal may or may not meet within the time range of Brainhack Global but that is the ultimate goal of the project.

Good first issues:

  1. You can join us as translators, preferably [EN/TR-TR/EN].
  2. You can share your schools / institutions / work places ethical committee examples and we can brainstorm together how to provide a way for open data collection practices.

Skills: Reading, writing and translating in Turkish. We are also open to anyone who wants to experiment on git and simple website making

Tools/Software/Methods to Use: We would be using git, and .md documents and probably would be in need providing of nice visuals of tabular data for the future which may be used to support the claims of the researcher who may need ethical committee approval.

Communication channels:

TR-Open “getting started” mattermost channel

Video channel: Our jistsi info is at the mattermost

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