Towards the Queer Neuroscience&STEM

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Title: Towards the Queer Neuroscience&STEM

Project lead: Devin Özbağcı, Twitter:@d_ozbagci, Mattermost: @devin_oz

Project collaborators: Melvin Selim Atay, Twitter: i_am_mel_dev, Mattermost: selimatay, Ezgi Yılmaz, Twitter: @rhizomic, Unikuir Association, Twitter: @unikuir

Registered Brainhack Global 2020 Event: Brainhack Ankara: “Hello World!”

Project Description: Towards the Queer Neuroscience & STEM is a project inspired by Queer Theory and Being Queer in Academia Unconference at Brainhack Global 2020, Ankara chapter, in collaboration with the panelists we established the idea of creating awareness on queer theory and how it can lead inclusion in increasingly diverse settings such as virtual online conferences and or events. We aim to provide a general guideline of diversity and inclusion in collaboration with researchers from various range of disciplines, especially social scientists to gain insights from their practices based on queer theory. Technical research disciplines generally STEM and eventually Neuroscience has more tendency to keep the norms western society as matter of facts. Increased and normalized hierarchical structures are one of them and this needs to change in a way that could be inclusive to everyone, everywhere. To this end we strongly believe that trans-disciplinary collaborations are necessary and only by such encounters it would be possible to provide an open, reachable, accessible basic practices and or guidelines for more inclusive settings. In short we want to curate resources of queer theory in collaboration with the researchers who are working in this field and make a website of these resources which could be used as a reference for the researchers in STEM & Neuroscience fields. By this project we also aim to connect social sciences disciplines and STEM in a way that they could feed each other and produce benefit to society.

Data to use: None Link to project repository/sources: Towards Queer Neuroscience and STEM

Goals for Brainhack Global 2020: Brainhack going virtual on all locations is a queer act of thinning the norm called “borders”. This is the main inspiration of the project. And the goal is to provide a trans-disciplinary guideline for inclusive events (especially in STEM & Neuroscience) with the purpose of as diverse and accessible as possible. Using queer theory as a source of inspiration to gain insights for more inclusive practices and provide a growing trans-disciplinary guideline for the events, occasions, institutions that aims to be less hierarchical. We want to curate these resources in the form of a simple yet accessible website.

Good first issues:

  1. Documentation
  2. Git commands learning and testing
  3. Collaboration

Skills: Documentation, communication, community building

Tools/Software/Methods to Use: None, git

[x ] Video channel: Jitsi on mattermost discription

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queer theory:
queer, LGBTQ2IA+, transgender
equitiy, diversity
Science, neuroscience, technology, engineering, mathematics, artificial intelligence,

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queer theory:
queer, #LGBTQ2IA+, #transgender
#equitiy, #diversity
#science, #neuroscience, #technology, #engineering, #mathematics, #artificial intelligence

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