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Brainhack Global 2020 Project Submission Guideline

Why a Centralised Project Submission?

As Brainhack Global organization we aim to create a centralized collaborative working platform that would increase the cross-site interactions and networking while giving visibility to the projects run under Brainhack Global events as possible. Creating such a centralized platform and workflow, we aim to encourage sharing the experiences, knowledge, and expertise across parties removing the barriers and allowing contributions of researchers from all around the world with a variety of backgrounds and seniority level.

Given this year Brainhack Global will be run virtually, we would like to create a centralized project submission and listing platform that would allow you submit your initial project call to gather interests from the researchers from every single event location.

The ideal projects should convey ideas in development of tools, methodologies, guidelines and begets to brainstorming new ideas that would facilitate implementation of the open science practices in the neuroscience and create more opportunities for collaborative work and information exchange within the community.

Project Submission Guideline

Oct 15, 2020 12:00 AM