Project title: abstract2poster

Leader: Amaia Carrion Castillo (@amaiacc)

Collaborators: Eneko Uruñuela (@eurunuela)

Topic: Data visualization

Project description: Do you need your poster ready to print/upload in two hours? Abstract is ready but you cannot bother to read it anymore? Imagine you could automatize the abstract->poster transformation, and then just tweak a few minor things to make it shine and impress everyone in that conference! In the abstract2poster project we will work towards developping a pipeline to translate your abstract to a ready-to-present poster. How? We are planning to use Jekyll but other ideas are welcome!

Data to use: The starting point will be abstracts that are already written. We could take abstracts that project contributors have, but also conference abstracts (e.g. OHBM) that are publicly available to test how generazible the pipeline is.

Link to project repository: https://github.com/amaiacc/abstract2poster.github.io

Goals for Brainhack Donostia 2021: This project is currently at the very beginning, so our main goal for Brainhack Donostia 2021 is to define the steps involved in the pipeline and to sketch/test how to implement each of them.

First tasks:

Communication channels:

Video channel: Jitsi

Number of collaborators: 4

Credit to collaborators: All contributors will get credit for their work on the README file.

Type of project: Data management, Documentation, Pipeline development, Visualization

Development status: Concept but no content

Programming languages: R, Shell scripting, Web, markdown, HTML, CSS and JS, Jekyll

Necessary Programming skills level for the project: Familiar

Necessary git skills level for the project: None

Modality: Behavioral

Software suites:

Email: a.carrion@bcbl.eu

What will participants learn: We will learn how to:

Jan 1, 0001 12:00 AM