EyetrackPrep: an automatic tool to pre-process eye-tracking data (fixation, blinks, saccades, micro-saccade, pursuit, pupillometry)


EyetrackPrep: an automatic tool to pre-process eye-tracking data (fixation, blinks, saccades, micro-saccade, pursuit, pupillometry)


Martin Szinte @mszinte (github) @mszinte (mattermost)


Anna Montagnini Guillaume Masson

Brainhack Global 2021 Event

Brainhack Marseille

Project Description

Description: This project aims at providing to the eye-tracking research community a standardized software allowing the automatic computation and quality-check of eye-tracking data. This includes any records of eye position metrics such as fixation, eye movements (saccades, microsaccades, pursuit), blinks, and pupillometry.

EyeTrackPrep is meant in the future to be used by all researchers using eye-tracking data. It aims at simplifying and standardizing this domain to improve research reproducibility as well as the share of collected data.

Eye-tracking community lack such a tool even if a need for it is clear. Although this project might take time until a functional software is produced, it will modify for long term the way cognitive neuroscientists work and generate open science of high quality data akin what happened with the development of BIDS-apps from the neuroimaging community.


Goals for Brainhack Global

Together with colleagues, we already thought of a few directions for EyeTrackPrep. The Brainhack will consist of discussions about the tool, its goals, what it should and what it should not include. Moreover, if we have more time we could code the modeling of eye movement metrics (e.g. saccade detection from eye-traking position time series) as well as some of the visualization for data quality check.

Good first issues

Agree on what such app should do (e.g. saccade, smooth pursuit analysis…)

Communication channels



Non-coding skills: knowledge of eyetracking data or interest in it Coding skills: Python basics

Onboarding documentation

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What will participants learn?

Eyetracking analysis: saccade and smooth pursuit analysis BIDS usage: using of tools to share and re-use your eyetracking datasets.

Data to use

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Thérèse Collins Guillaume Masson Anna Montagnini Martin Rolfs Martin Szinte Tomas Knapen




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BIDS, Jupyter, other

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Anything else?

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Things to do after the project is submitted.

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