Continuous testing of neuroimaging results across pipelines and datasets


Continuous testing of neuroimaging results across pipelines and datasets


Jacob Sanz-Robinson (Mattermost: @jacobsanz).


Jacob Sanz-Robinson (Mattermost: @jacobsanz).

Brainhack Global 2021 Event

Brainhack Montreal

Project Description

Goals for Brainhack Global

My personal efforts will be directed at a mechanism to repopulate the cache files by querying the CBRAIN distributed computation system in case they become corrupted or lost. If there is additional time I will work on making prettier data visualizations and including statistical summaries. If other people join, then hopefully we can containerize a pipeline or two, and make more progress on the visualizations.

Good first issues

  1. Issue one: Create a Boutiques descriptors for any neuroimaging pipeline of your choice!

  2. Issue two: Create visualizations that could help us compare results across pipelines and datasets.

  3. Issue three: Any additional functionality you may deem useful!

  4. Issue four: cache file repopulation/retrieval (this is what I will be working on).

Communication channels


Onboarding documentation

See readme:

What will participants learn?

If you wish to learn about containerization, running neuroimaging pipelines, or data visualization…This is a good project to pick up the basics of one or more of these :) .

Data to use

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Number of collaborators


Credit to collaborators

Contributors will be listed in the project ReadMe.


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Development status

1_basic structure




AFNI, ANTs, Datalad, Freesurfer, FSL, other

Programming language



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Git skills


Anything else?

For Tools: Any and all tools and/or neuroimaging pipelines are useful to integrate into the project! At the same time, none are strictly necessary if you wish to focus your development efforts on another aspect of the framework.

Things to do after the project is submitted and ready to review.

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