Brainfeed: a tool for domain experts to find recent and relevant public discourse on topics they are familiar with



A tool for domain experts to find recent and relevant public discourse on topics they are familiar with


Yohan Yee (Mattermost: yohan, Twitter: @therealyohanyee)


Chi-Hsun (Eric) Chang (Mattermost: eric-ch-chang , Twitter: @chchang8305)

Brainhack Global 2021 Event

BrainHack Toronto

Project Description

Brainfeed is a proposed tool that is aimed at scientists to keep track of active and relevant public discussions on topics that they are familiar with. The general idea is that in forums such as Reddit, links to scientific articles are posted and a public discussion often follows; in these discussions there are often questions or misconceptions that may be best clarified by experts. Brainfeed seeks to track these discussions and notify experts when there are discussions/questions that are relevant to them.

Initial development of this project is aimed at tracking neuroimaging-related discussions on Reddit, but this tool could in principle be extended to any scientific field and could also track other forums such as Twitter. Details on getting started, resources, etc… are available in the doc on the project Github page (

Goals for Brainhack Global

A list of specific goals for this Brainhack, along with future goals, can be found in the Github file.

The general goal for Brainhack Toronto is to lay down the general framework and structure of the project, along with some basic code aimed at the specific goals listed in the file; further development can occur after the event and will be coordinated through a Brainhack mattermost channel (

Good first issues

  1. issue one: how to best classify posts as being relevant (neuroimaging related) or not?

  2. issue two: how do we structure the post/comment database?

  3. Issue three: what is the most engaging way to display discussions to experts?

Communication channels

For Brainhack Toronto 2021:

After the event, we will transition to the Brainhack Mattermost channel for further development:


Onboarding documentation


What will participants learn?

Some skills that may be learned:

Data to use

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Number of collaborators


Credit to collaborators

Contributors will be listed in a file on Github (probably the using the all-contributors github bot )


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Development status

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Programming language

Python, html_css, javascript



Git skills

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Anything else?

Topic: scientific communication

Things to do after the project is submitted and ready to review.

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