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archivotron: a python suite for naming and organizing data

  • What are you doing, for whom, and why?

We are building a suite of python tools to help people generate BIDS or similar datasets …

BIDS-ephys: let’s BIDSify your animal electrophysiology data

We are working on an extension proposal so that BIDS (a standardized data structure described here) can support …

Fast Tractography Streamline Search

Create a repository for a Fast tractography / streamline search method. And develop useful scripts / methods.

Going beyond pairwise interactions by digging into Higher-Order Interactions

Modern theories suggest that cognitive functions emerge from the dynamic coordination of neural activity over large-scale and …

NiiVue: minimal, modular, fast WebGL visualization

  • Popular tools like AFNI, FreeSurfer, FSL, SPM use legacy visualization methods.
  • MRIcroGL and Surfice leverage modern graphics …

Why a centralised project submission?

As the Brainhack Global team, we aim to :

  • create a (de)centralized collaborative working platform,
  • facilitate & increase across-site collaborations and interactions,
  • give more visibility to the projects run under Brainhack Global,
  • encourage sharing ideas, experiences and knowledge across parties,
  • to remove barriers and allow contributions by researchers from all origins and disciplines.

Given that many events in this year Brainhack Global might be in part run virtually, a common platform for project submission and listing will allow you to submit your initial project call to gather interests from researchers from all Brainhack Global event locations.

Submitting a project

Please read our Guidelines for Leading and Attending to Brainhack Projects to get more ideas about:

  • how to design your project and what to expect from a Brainhack experience,
  • how to lead a project,
  • how to be an attendee of a project.

The ideal project should convey ideas with respect to the development of tools, methodologies, guidelines and begets to brainstorming new ideas that would facilitate the implementation of open science practices in neuroscience and create more opportunities for collaborative work and information exchange within the community.

How does it work?

In order to submit a project to the Brainhack Global 2021 Project Gallery, please follow these steps:

  1. Register with an event listed in the Brainhack Global 2021 Events .
  2. Create a GitHub account.
  3. Use our project submission form and fill in the necessary/required information as requested.

Project submission form

What happens next?

Once you have submitted your project, a reviewer will check the information in your issue. They may request some changes if deemed necessary.

Once the review completed the project will be marked as status:web_ready and will be listed on the Brainhack Global 2021 Projects page after a short delay. A subpage dedicated to your own project will be automatically created.

Matching projects with participants

The Brainhack Global team will try to match event attendees to projects across the globe based the expertise/skill sets that attendees want to acquire and those the projects are looking for. Once the attendee registrations are completed, our matching algorithm will be run based on the information provided by the attendees during registration. The attendees will then receive an email listing the best fitting projects for their expertise and interests.

Of course, the project attendees decide to join is ultimately their own. They could either go with the suggested options or they could choose among the other projects listed in the Brainhack Global 2021 Projects page.

Please be aware that, at the very early stage of the interactions, attendees might just want to contact you for more information to make sure that the project is a good fit to the aims they want to achieve from a Brainhack. Therefore, please make sure that you welcome all attentions and explain your project with care and guide them as necessary.