Submit a project

To have your project or resource published on the Brainhack webpage, please send an email to with “Brainhack Project Submission” in the subject and the following information in the body:

  • Listing size: listings can be two sizes, "big" or "small", where big is twice the size of small. For the items below, the limit in parentheses corresponds to the larger size.
  • Name: 16 (32) character name of the project or resource (anything longer might be truncated).
  • Location: The primary brainhack event where this project or resource will be represented.
  • URL: Link to project webpage or github repo, if it exists
  • Description: 200 (400) character description of the project, anything longer will be truncated
  • Contact information: email for project leader or other person to contact for more information.
  • Project logo: preferably a 222 x 180 (466 x 180) 72 dpi image in png format