2018 Brainhack Proceedings

The Brainhack Proceedings are back! For this year, we have decided to publish everything using BioRvix and openly review them through Academic Karma. This is how it will work:

1. Draft your manuscript.

The max word count is 1000 words and should include Introduction, Approach, Results and Conclusions. Feel free to use your preferred document preparation software and formatting. A latex template is available on github: https://github.com/ccraddock/Craddock-AMX-Centrality. Make sure to cite relevant sources and to include links to materials (code, data, slides, etc.) developed through your project.

2. Submit to BioRxiv.

Once the paper has been accepted on BioRxiv and you have a URL, email brainhackorg@gmail.com to intiate the editorial process. At this point we will contact members of the Brainhack community to review your papers using Academic Karma.

3. Revise your manuscript accordingly.

Submit updated version to BioRxiv, and inform us by email brainhackorg@gmail.com that this has been completed.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until reviewers are satisfied.

5. Your Done!!

The manuscript will be added to the official index of for Brainhack Proceedings 2018 (at this page).

F1000 Research Brainhack Channel

Dr. Michael Hanke (Thanks Michael!) has negotiated a deal with F1000 Research to publish these papers through a Brainhack Channel with a 20% discount. When you submit please be sure to include links to your reviews on Academic Karma, F1000 has agreed to consider them in their review process. Submission details are below:

F1000 Research is pleased to be supporting Brainhack Global 2018 with a collection that invites publication of outputs from all the Brainhack events. We welcome a range of different content giving participants the opportunity to get credit, recognition and feedback from the software that was created. We are able to host interactive figures via Plotly as part of a publication allowing authors more flexibility in terms of presenting their data. Authors are able to submit directly via the F1000 Research website https://f1000research.com/for-authors/publish-your-research or via Overleaf with our software tool template https://www.overleaf.com/latex/templates/f1000research-software-tool-article-template/wcbcqgcryfzk#.WsOq9ojwZaQ. We are reducing Article Processing Charges https://f1000research.com/for-authors/article-processing-charges by 20% for all Brainhack papers until December 31st 2018.