Brainhack Global 2018

Synchronized Brainhack events occuring at multiple sites globally.


You are invited to attend Brainhack Global 2018 at one of the regional events occuring accross the globe.

Brainhack is a unique conference that convenes researchers from myriad disciplines to work together on innovative projects related to neuroscience. Brainhack Global will host several simultaneous to build a critical mass for the regional Brainhack movement and provide opportunities for inter-Brainhack collaboration. Local events will be connected by videoconference to expand collaborative opportunities so that smaller sites can plug into the content and energy generated at larger sites.

In addition to time spent collaborating on neuroscience projects, activities at the Brainhack will include:

  • Tutorials on basic software development skills called “Brainhacking 101”
  • Keynotes from neuroscience and methods researchers including: Fernando Chirigati, Emily Finn, Leon French, Bernard Mazoyer, Jason Lerch, Angie Laird, Micheal Milham, Gustav Nilsonne, Vesna Prchkovska, Paulo Rodrigues, Monica Rosenberg, Stephen Strother, Enzo Tagliazucchi, Lucina Uddin, Anne Wheeler and many more.
  • Open conference sessions during which attendees can present their research
  • Brainhack has partnered with GigaScience to publish the “Proceedings from Brainhack Americas”. Brainhack attendees will be eligible to submit project reports describing the work that they performed during the event, which will be peer reviewed and edited by members of the Brainhack community.

Refer to the Brainhack Global 2018 webpage for a complete list of locations.


Please refer to to register for a local event and please pass this invitation on to your friends and colleagues.